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Julien Mazloum



Julien is the Consulting Director of OutSofting China, an active Agile Consultant and his specialities are the business and management aspects of Agile development, with a current focus on Scrum and Lean software development.

Julien is particularly interested in the management aspects of an Agile transformation, on “building the right product” and on developing some thinking tools to help others do it. For instance, he is currently co-developing a new framework on how to effectively deliver on high uncertainty projects by using Scrum and Opportunity Engineering.

Julien is a Software Engineer with more than 10 years of software development, project management, management consulting experiences in Canada, Lebanon, Switzerland and China. He developed and led software projects for CAE Inc. (world leader in professional flight simulators) for more than 4 years in Canada during which he used eXtreme Programming practices.

Acknowledging the importance of management and “building the right product” in Software development, Julien obtained his MBA in 2006 and started as a management consultant for different companies. He continued the practice of Agile project management and Scrum during his engagements and started helping different teams and organizations to be Agile.

Since he co-founded OutSofting China in late 2008, Julien has 2 main focuses:

Expand and improve the usage of Agile development in China.
Together with the OutSofting China consulting team, coach all the levels of development organizations on effectively adopting Agile development.
Julien provided coaching to numerous teams and organizations including ClickTouch America, Ice Affects Inc., Mezzabites, Falafel Games and Orange France-Telecom.

Julien provided presentations on Agile topics at QCon Beijing 2009, China Software Technology Conference 2009 in Beijing, Agile Tour 2009 in Chengdu, Shanghai Scrum Gathering 2010, Shanghai Scrum Forum 2010, Agile Tour Beijing 2010 and Shanghai Scrum Gathering 2011.