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Mark Levison



Mark has over twenty years experience in the IT industry, working as a Developer,  Manager, Technical Lead, Architect and Consultant. Mark has been practicing, managing and coaching for Agile Development since 10 years.


After ten years of working on and managing waterfall projects he discovered Agile in 2001. Working in a small company he introduced Agile methods one practice at a time.


As an employee of Cognos, from 2006 - 2009, he introduced Scrum to the business and coached a number of teams. As part of that process he designed a Test Driven Development adoption strategy and introduced a number of practices to support it.


Mark has introduced Scrum, Lean and other Agile methods to a number of organizations since 5 years and is now a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST). He coaches from Executive level to the individual developer and tester.


Mark is an Agile Editor at InfoQ and has written dozens of articles on Agile topics and publishes a blog – Notes from a Tool User. Mark’s training benefits from his study and writing on the neuroscience of learning: Learning Best Approaches for Your Brain.

规模化敏捷(Leading SAFe)认证公开课
培训师: 傅庆冬
时 间: 2017年02月17-18日
地 点: 上海
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规模化敏捷(Leading SAFe)认证公开课
培训师: 傅庆冬
时 间: 2017年02月24-25日
地 点: 北京
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