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Juven Xu



Juven is what we can call a “technical guru coach”. He is one of the top experts on Agile engineering practices (TDD, pairing, simple design, refactoring, Test automation, Continuous Integration etc…) in China.

Juven is the most recognized Maven expert in China, mostly because he wrote a lot of blogs on Maven, some of them are published on InfoQ, translated the book ”Maven: The Definitive Guide” into Chinese and finally finished his own book ”Maven In Action” in 2010. It is the first book of the kind written in Chinese language.

For 1,5 years, Juven worked for Logan. Logan is a web based, yet powerful virtual machine management system. In this project he implemented the automated build and continuous integration process. He also developed modules for user managed, database access and auditing.

For more than 3 years, Juven worked with Sonatype which is founded by Jason Van Zyl, who is also the founder of Maven. Juven was one of the core developers of Nexus. He was mainly busy with development and maintenance work on Nexus, Maven Central Repository and or OSS Repository Hosting Service. During this period Scrum and Agile Engineering practices were daily practices and provided Juven a very strong technical proficiency on Agile Engineering practices (TDD, Acceptance Testing, Continuous Integration etc…).

Since 2010, Juven has start to provide training and coaching on Maven and Continuous Integration technologies, concepts and implementations.

Since early 2012, Juven has joined OutSofting and actively provides Agile Coaching to its customers with a stronger focus on Agile Engineering practices (TDD, refactoring, simple design, pair programming, CI etc…) and dealing with legacy code. Juven also coaches teams to better collaborate using ATDD and Scrum.

Juven provided a presentations on Agile topic at Agile Tour Shanghai 2011, Scrum Gathering Shanghai 2012.

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